Styling Your Hair for Yoga: Focus On The Practice

By Karen B November 22, 2023

Yoga, a practice that harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit, requires not only physical readiness but also an environment free from distractions. One common hurdle for many yoga enthusiasts is managing their hair during various poses like the downward-facing dog, chair, warrior, or tree pose. This article delves into practical hairstyling techniques that ensure your locks stay in place, allowing you to fully immerse in your yoga experience.

image credit: Lee Charlie/ Shutterstock

The Ballerina Bun: Your Go-To Hairstyle for Uninterrupted Yoga

A top knot, also known as the ballerina bun, is an excellent choice for keeping hair away from your face during yoga. It offers unrestricted movement and is particularly beneficial for those who find themselves overheating during workouts. This hairstyle pulls hair off the neck, providing a cooling effect.

To create this style, comb your hair away from your forehead and pull it up into a high ponytail. Next, wrap your hair around the ponytail’s base to form a bun and fasten it in place with hairpins. A light spritz of hairspray can add an extra layer of hold, ensuring your hairstyle remains intact through various yoga postures.

Boxer Braids: A Knockout Choice for Taming Unruly Hair

Boxer braids are not just stylish; they are incredibly functional for keeping hair in place, from the scalp to the very tips. This hairstyle works wonders in preventing any strands from escaping and distracting you during your yoga session.

For boxer braids, begin by dividing your hair with a central part that goes from the crown of your head down to the nape of your neck. On each side of the head, begin an inverted braid by selecting three small sections of hair at the front. Gradually add more hair to each section as you braid, similar to the technique used for African braids. Secure each braid with a hairband for a sleek and controlled look.

image credit: fizkes/ Shutterstock

The Low Ponytail: A Quick and Simple Solution

For those seeking a no-fuss approach, the low ponytail is a perfect choice. This style is not only quick to create but also avoids any discomfort when lying flat on a yoga mat.

Simply gather your hair and tie it at the lowest point of the nape. For added control, you can incorporate additional hairbands along the length of the ponytail. This approach, reminiscent of a bubble ponytail, helps keep your hair neatly in place, further helping to enhance your focus and comfort during yoga.

In conclusion, choosing the right hairstyle for yoga is essential for a distraction-free practice. Whether it’s a ballerina bun, boxer braids, or a low ponytail, each style offers its unique benefits and can be tailored to individual preferences and hair types. By incorporating these hairstyles into your pre- yoga preperation routine, you can ensure that your focus remains on your practice, not your hair.